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Simplify your Marketing - Back to Basics

Are we implementing the simple fundamentals when it comes to our marketing messaging?

Recently I was chatting with a farmer who was curious about what Mallee Marketing is all about. It really drove home for me how important simplifying our marketing messaging actually is and going back to basics in order to clearly articulate what you do, how you do it, why you do what you do, and for who it actually is that you help.

It's also amazing once you get clearer on these factors how much easier it is to create consistent marketing content, especially online, to indicate to the algorithms WHO you want to speak to and WHY your content is important and worth showing a certain audience.

The questions generated from this casual and brief chat helped me become aware that not everyone understands at what point they can engage Mallee Marketing to support their business goals and what Mallee Marketing even offers!

Can you relate with your business?

Are you consistently communicating in clear and simple words what you do, how you do it, for who exactly and why?

Isn't that such a simple marketing concept often overlooked (the fundamentals!) that clearly we need to do more of?

It dawned on me that I realised that we need to do some serious work on how we deliver Mallee Marketing's elevator pitch to be way more simple but more specific!

So here goes,

What we do:

We help Agribusinesses and Stud Stock Brands navigate online platforms to help them grow their reach, presence and exposure in order to help them achieve their business and marketing goals.

Who we help:

Agribusinesses and Sheep and Cattle Studs across Australia with a proven, in demand offer/genetics that is positioned for growth. These businesses are often frustrated by not having or knowing how to create clear, effective marketing systems and activities in place that help them reach the right people at the right time in order to best promote what they offer and how they can help.

How we can help:

Mallee Marketing offers digital marketing coaching, training, resources and mentoring for Agribusinesses and Cattle/Sheep Studs.

Why we do it:

We exist to help Agribusinesses share their brand message with the right people using efficient and sustainable marketing methods, relationship and trust-building techniques and impactful storytelling.

What even is Digital Marketing Coaching?

A digital marketing coach for an agribusiness would focus on leveraging and teaching online strategies and tactics that help promote agricultural products and services, building brand awareness and helping the brand connect with their ideal target audience.

Your turn!

Fill in the below:

What we do:

We help:

How we can help:

Why we do what we do:

Want more help with this?

Download our 3 Keys to Magnetic Marketing workbook!

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