Video Marketing

We love helping our clients connect with their audiences through creative and meaningful video marketing coupled with a strong advertising strategy.
Through video promotion, potential customers feel more confident to buy from you when they understand what your goals and objectives are and how doing business with you will help them.

Our videos have proven to help our clients increase views online and website traffic to support online selling strategies.



Every brand has a story.

We're are passionate about telling our clients stories through the lense of our cameras and strategic digital marketing.

One of the most powerful and creative forms of communication and marketing is in video and photography content.



Newkree Farm Gallery

Library of photos we captured for Newkree Farm's new website.

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Lameroo Off Shears Annual Sheep Sale

Library of photos from the 2021 annual Lameroo Off Shears Sale. Friday 8 October. Photos commissioned for Nutrien Livestock Agents.

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Inverbrackie Border Leicester Stud Photo & Video Shoot

Library of photos from Inverbrackie's 2021 annual on property ram sale. Wednesday 13 October.

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Kinmana Organics Photoshoot

Library of photos for Kinmana Organics' new website.

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Collinsville Stud Merinos Annual On Property Ram Sale

Library of photos from Collinsville's 2021 annual on property ram sale. Tuesday 21 September 2021.

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East Bungaree Annual On Property Ram Sale

Library of photos from East Bungaree's 2021 annual on property ram sale. Tuesday 14 September 2021.

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Harry's Well Annual On Property Ram Sale

Library of photos from Harry's Well's 2021 annual on property ram sale. Friday 3 September 2021.

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Lampata Annual On Property Ram Sale

Library of photos from Lampata Poll Merino's 2021 annual on property ram sale. Tuesday 31 August 2021.

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Sandalwood Poll Merinos (formerly Kamora-Netley Park) Annual On Property Ram Sale

Library of photos from Sandalwood Poll Merino's 2021 annual on property ram sale. Friday 6 August 2021.

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White River Annual On Property Ram Sale

Library of photos from White River's 2021 annual on property ram sale. Thursday 5 August 2021.

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North Cowie Annual On Property Ram Sale

Library of photos from North Cowie's 2021 annual on property ram sale. Wednesday 28 July 2021.

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Kingsway Welding Photoshoot

Library of photos taken for Kingsway Welding's new website.

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Website Refresh for White River Merino & Poll Merino Stud.
This website was built with a focus on optimisation for future marketing, lead generation opportunities and ease of data sharing for the White River Merino and Poll Merino Stud's upcoming ram selling season.
White River Merino's are run by the Daniell family located on the western upper Eyre Peninsula near Minnipa, Poochera and Cungena farming 13,000ha.
The Daniell family are broad acre farmers and of course produce Merino and Poll Merino sheep.
Visit White River's website


"Working with Tegan we were successful with attracting new clients through promo videos which is always great. Able to increase exposure with reduction in overall advertising expense so definitely happy with that. Thanks Tegan, you have certainly helped us branch out into new platforms yet staying with our “style”. Much appreciated."

- Jacqui & Wes Daniell, White River Merino & Poll Merino Stud, Eyre Peninsula, SA.


We were so honored to have worked with Mary-anne and Scott Mickan, on their beautiful new eCommerce website for their paddock to plate business! This website was launched late June. ⁠

Korinya Farm Gate are a boutique, accredited butcher shop producing pasture fed and raised beef and pork. The Mickan's are a passionate farming family based near Cummins on Eyre Peninsula, SA.⁠

As part of this project, Mary-anne Mickan has created some amazing online and in person cheese making and tallow balm workshops! ⁠

We helped Mary-anne set up her digital learning portal to teach her workshops as well as guide her with tactful digital product and online teaching strategies. The adventure and journey has been amazing. We love Mary-anne's focus, dedication and authenticity in all that she does!⁠

Visit Korinya Farm Gate's website

Our Website Projects

View more of our website creations:


Website design and content refresh with on-going management by Mallee Marketing.

Kingsway Welding

Website Design with hand over for the Kingsway team to manage.

Mallee Sustainable Farming

Complete transformation and updating of software. Handed over upon completion for the organisation to manage.

Pfeiffer Hill Upholstery

Website design and hand over for the PHU team to manage.

Larry's Garage

Website Design with hand over for the organisation to manage.

Sandalwood Poll Merinos

Website design and on-going management.

Four Knots Murray River Cruises

Website design and on-going management.

North Cowie Merino & Poll Meirnos Studs

Website Design with seasonal management.

Lampata Poll Merinos

Website design and on-going seasonal management.


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