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Mallee Marketing

We help rural and ag businesses leverage the power of digital marketing to gain new leads in order to grow their business.

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Welcome to

Mallee Marketing

Digital Marketing and Communications for Ag & Rural Organisations


Marketing for Ag

At Mallee Marketing we know you want to get visible in front of your target audience to generate leads and sales in order to make money. To be able to do that we believe in developing a profitable marketing strategy to help your brand get visible without the hard slog. The problem may be lack of clear direction and know-how when it comes to your marketing which makes you feel like you are running around in circles spending too much money on advertising that isn’t working for you. We believe in making marketing profitable, effective and clear cut. We understand the time, energy and effort that goes into running and promoting a business each day which is why we offer no fuss marketing solutions to help you gain traction, real results and reward.


Passionate about Ag and Marketing, Tegan founded Mallee Marketing in March 2020. 

With a Bachelors Degree of Business (Marketing) complimented by her industry experience, Tegan’s down to earth Marketing approach, and approachable personality, makes for a winning combination when working with rural small businesses, Agribusinesses and regional organisations.



We help rural and agri businesses develop a marketing strategy and system that cuts through the clutter to bring in new leads while saving time and money. 

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Brands we work with

Past & present brands we have had the honor of working with on short to long term campaigns, projects and contracts.

Ag Biz Brand Strategy Template

This brand strategy template will help you sort through your ideas to get clear on your business offerings to support your value proposition and marketing strategy.

By the end of this brand strategy process, you will have crafted a simple business tag line that clearly outlines what your business is all about. This will help make it easier for people to do business with you because they will understand clearly what you do and how you solve their problems.

This brand strategy is perfect to use and adapt in all your marketing communications such as adding to your websites, using these words and sentences in social media posts, forming part of an introductory video or documentary content, email marketing and more.


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