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Marketing for Ag

Accelerating marketing for more growth and industry impact.


Meet Tegan Buckley

Tegan is the owner and director of Mallee Marketing Pty Ltd; servicing rural and agribusinesses across Australia.

Originally from the Yorke Peninsula, South Australia, now based in the Victorian Mallee with her partner Clay Gowers, Broadacre farmer, Tegan enjoys working in Ag with rural people and living remotely. 

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Business (majoring in Marketing) and specialist skills in strategy and content creation unique for agricultural and rural industries, Tegan values resource efficiency and pushing industry norms when it comes to advertising and promotions.

Our Why

We value supporting our clients to positively engage, communicate and promote their role and contributions towards Australian rural and agricultural sectors and people. 


We love nothing more than helping driven and purpose-led people and businesses grow, innovate, evolve and make a sustainable and profitable impact in Ag across the globe.

How We Help

Mallee Marketing helps rural and agribusinesses go from being unprogressive, stuck and overwhelmed by their marketing to building structure, visibility and awareness online so they can build brand awareness while generating leads and sales.


Over the last few years we have seen a surge in the use of digital advertising and video content to support promotions and gain exposure in the Ag industry. 


It’s time to optimize your content to show off what you offer and work hard to create so you can show up in new advertising spaces in order to get your rural-agribusiness more leads, visibility and growth.

What We Stand For

We are for the rural-agribusiness who wants to develop a content and social media advertising program that produces measurable marketing exposure aligning with their specific business goals while balancing a strong sense of brand identity, integrity, and a persona that resonates and connects with Australian farmers.


We emphasise smart and clever content strategy with strong storytelling and custom-fit creative content across digital channels.


We’re invested in resource-efficiency for our clients, with processes to facilitate smooth collaboration, partnership and measurable results.

Why Work With Mallee Marketing

We help the rural-agribusiness:

  • Gain confidence, structure, direction, new knowledge and staying “in the know” when it comes to marketing and communications.

  • Build authority in the rural & Ag industry. 

  • Generate new leads and find new markets/geographics online.

  • Save time and money by streamlining advertising processes and systems.

Marketing a rural-agribusiness shouldn't be draining, confusing or frustrating.

The harsh reality is that WITHOUT an effective strategy and simple actionable steps needed to generate leads and make sales, you will continue to experience...

  • No traction or results

  • Overspending and not seeing return on investment. It’s like throwing spaghetti at the wall and expecting it to stick - but it’s not spaghetti, it’s your very large advertising spend, and it’s costing you time and money without generating any real results, leads or momentum.

  • General lack of direction, confidence and structure when it comes to self-promotion.

  • Your advertising that isn't gathering data that you own

  • Knowing that video is important for your marketing but you don't feel comfortable using it

  • Feeling sick of marketing being so complicated, expensive and time consuming

If you can relate to any of the above, it's time to chat.

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Who We Work With

Our ideal client’s rural-agribusiness has momentum and they’re ready to reach new audiences online through clever and tactical content marketing. Their product or service is proven in the marketplace and is positioned for growth. 


Our ideal client knows that they need to ensure that their content marketing and social media is cohesive and strategically aligned with their business goals to ensure maximum return through use of modern marketing channels. 


At the core, our ideal client’s want to show up as leaders in their industry and ensure their clients also achieve success which aligns with Mallee Marketing’s ethos and values which is to make an impact.

How To Work With Us


First, register for a short video training to learn how we are helping rural and agribusinesses accelerate their marketing.


This video training will help point rural and agri organisations towards building a strategic online marketing framework that systematically grows their audience, converts new prospects and drives loyalty with clients, customers or members/participants.


We join the dots when it comes to promoting your rural-agribusiness online that no one else has bothered to before.

Gain insight on:

  • Big picture digital content marketing strategy and system that aligns with your business and organisational goals.

  • Learn the fundamental online marketing activities (that actually earn results).

  • Gain clarity around how to make more impact, predictability and growth with less wasted time, money, energy and confusion when it comes to online marketing.



  • Rural and Agricultural Organisations

  • Business to Business (B2B)

  • Business to Consumers (B2C)

  • Not-for-profit organisations

  • Promoters, content creators, social media managers and communicators working in rural industries

  • Consultants and agents working within agricultural organisations





Following the video training you will receive an email to invite you to apply to book a call with Tegan to discuss next steps.

Be sure to fill out the form as prompted in the email and schedule the best time that suits you.

Be sure to check your spam/junk email folders just in case an email from us lands in there unintentionally.


Thanks for your interest and we look forward to meeting you soon!


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Mallee Marketing has an in depth understanding of Ag which allowed the Harberger brand to achieve the desired brand recognition it set out achieve and continue to grow. 

Firstly it was the videos and the glamorous stuff…. now I am starting to see the power of having the backend of our social media manipulated in ways that give us the desired brand recognition and results. The planner is also a very clever way of ensuring my time spent towards our social media presence is efficient. 

Both sides have put in some hard yards to capture good content and I think the reward is coming through with good solid leads plus brand recognition without annoying people.

Kirk Harberger


Working with Tegan we were successful with attracting new clients through promo videos which is always great. Able to increase exposure with reduction in overall advertising expense so definitely happy with that. Thanks Tegan, you have certainly helped us branch out into new platforms yet staying with our “style”. Much appreciated.

Jacqui & Wes Daniell

White River Merino & Poll Merino Stud

Mallee Marketing did an excellent job supporting the Croplands brand over a 6-week period. Tegan's professionalism and passion for Ag marketing was evident from the first time that we spoke.

I was very impressed with how quickly Tegan and team picked up our product range, key messages and brand tone of voice to be able to develop content for our social channels.

Mallee Marketing's support and services were spot on.

The key objectives of this short-term contract were (1) to assist with workload while recruiting for a new team member and (2) develop a more structure approach to our social media content. Tegan and the Mallee Marketing team helped us achieve both of these objectives along with driving engagement with our audiences on Facebook and Twitter.

I felt that we had instant rapport and Mallee Marketing's assistance and support was much appreciated.

Kate McLachlan


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