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We empower Agribusinesses across Australia and New Zealand with tailored digital marketing solutions to enhance visibility, reach new customers, and cultivate warmer relationships with prospects.




Attention to Detail

We excel at big thinking and perfecting the small things that impact your brand and market perception.


Agri & Stud Stock Acumen

We combine industry knowledge with marketing expertise.

Access: We partner with select ag businesses for focused and premium service.


Our work is based on your objectives and our unique strategy.

After working with Mallee Marketing, our clients are better equipped to confidently market and sell more of their products and services to amplify their impact due to having clear strategies and streamlined marketing and sales processes.

Agribusinesses are potentially missing opportunities to gain the attention of new customers which affects their sales because they are continuing to use outdated marketing methods.


Through working with Mallee Marketing, our clients are able to increase new customer leads and visibility of their brand into new regions through using a marketing and sales strategy and system that attracts and warms up new prospects.



Learn proven and effective marketing strategies, audits, content creation tips and tricks, creative support and ideas, resources, templates, workflow, marketing systems and processes.



Our client's business has momentum and they’re ready to reach new audiences online through clever and tactical content marketing.


Their offers and products are proven and highly sought after in the marketplace and positioned for growth. 


Our clients know that they need to ensure that their marketing is cohesive and strategically aligned with their business goals to ensure maximum return through use of modern marketing channels. 


At the core, our clients come to us for more support to help them promote and communicate their business offerings and expertise so they can help others in their industry succeed too.



"Mallee Marketing has an in depth understanding of Ag which allowed the Harberger brand to achieve the desired brand recognition it set out achieve and continue to grow. Firstly it was the videos and the glamorous stuff…. now I am starting to see the power of having the backend of our social media manipulated in ways that give us the desired brand recognition and results. The planner is also a very clever way of ensuring my time spent towards our social media presence is efficient.

Both sides have put in some hard yards to capture good content and I think the reward is coming through with good solid leads plus brand recognition without annoying people."

Kirk Harberger



"The marketing support that Tegan has provided Collinsville and East Bungaree Studs has been excellent as it was timely and targeted. Tegan demonstrated the ability to understand both our businesses and the Ag sector well, making our marketing industry specific and relevant to our audience."

George Millington

Principal, Collinsville Stud Merinos and East Bungaree Studs


"Mallee Marketing provided extremely high quality service and worked very well with our team to deliver the child safety campaign on time and within budget.

I was particularly impressed with Mallee Marketing's ability to adapt and provide additional service as the campaign developed without compromising delivery deadline or quality.

​Mallee Marketing helped us achieve our campaign goals. They successfully increased the child safety on farm campaign awareness, delivered high quality media assets and strengthened our relationship with external stakeholders. Industry representatives from not only Victoria, but across Australia are echoing this campaign and it is credit to Mallee Marketing's phenomenal service.

I've been very happy to work with Mallee Marketing and would recommend it to others who are looking for specialised Ag marketing advice."

Jennifer Shaw

Former Project Manager

VFF Making Our Farms Safer Project


"It was such a positive experience working with Tegan from Mallee Marketing! She’s a clear communicator and her agile working style was really appreciated by the R U OK? team to deliver a podcast series for a very targeted audience.


Tegan successfully guided the R U OK? team through the podcast production process with some really practical, hands-on support, particularly when recording guests in remote locations. She’s very knowledgeable but also very gentle and empathetic, which was particularly appreciated when talking directly to case studies with lived experience in mental health.


Thank you Tegan for all of your support throughout the production of the first podcast series for police and emergency services! We always felt like our little project was in really safe hands and it’s been such a pleasure working with you!"

Rebecca Wood

Marketing Manager



"Working with Tegan we were successful with attracting new clients through promo videos which is always great. Able to increase exposure with reduction in overall advertising expense so definitely happy with that. Thanks Tegan, you have certainly helped us branch out into new platforms yet staying with our 'style.' Much appreciated."

Jacqui & Wed Daniell

White River Merino and Poll Merino Stud




Tegan Buckley is a passionate small business owner and rural marketer, serving as the owner and director of Mallee Marketing Pty Ltd. 


Hailing originally from the picturesque Yorke Peninsula in South Australia, Tegan has since established her base in Victoria alongside her partner, Clay Gowers. Clay helps manage his family farm, known as "Westerhill" situated in the heart of the Victorian Mallee near Mildura. Westerhill Farms grow cereals and legumes over 7000 hectares of marginal cropping country. 


Driven by her deep appreciation for rural people and her desire to contribute to the agricultural sector, Tegan channels her expertise in marketing and business to facilitate positive marketing transformations for farming families and agribusinesses. 


Armed with a bachelor's degree in business and marketing, Tegan possesses specialised skills in strategy development and digital content creation, specifically tailored to the unique demands of the agricultural industry. 


Through her work, Tegan prioritises resource efficiency and advocates for a practical, results-driven approach to advertising and promotions.


At Mallee Marketing, Tegan and her team collaborate with forward-thinking, action-oriented Stud Stock Breeders and Agribusinesses throughout Australia and New Zealand. Their primary objective is to enhance brand awareness and amplify the genetic impact of their clients through the implementation of modern marketing strategies and tactics. 


Mallee Marketing is deeply committed to supporting and promoting profitable, ethical and sustainable livestock industries, placing immense value on the success of their client’s businesses.

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