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The Social Media Content Companion is a tool to help you plan and execute clever content marketing across your digital platforms. 

The Content Companion hosts time saving hacks and innovative marketing trade secrets to help you create strategic social content in order to attract interest from targeted audiences in order to drive profitable consumer action.

We know not everyone wants to hire an agency to take care of their social media.
So what’s an ambitious rural/agri business owner like you to do?


The Social Media Content Companion

The Mallee Marketing Content Companion is designed for small businesses, individuals and organisations working in rural, outdoor and agricultural industries.

Let’s transform how you do social media. Save time and a heap of expenses by using the powerful fast action Content Companion.

The Mallee Marketing Content Companion helps you develop strategy, structure and a streamlined process to use social media to increase brand recognition and awareness while connecting with targeted audiences across multiple regions.

We’ve spent years helping our rural and agribusiness clients unlock the power of social media and content marketing. 

And the biggest mistake we see?

Lack of strategy. 

Using social media without a well thought out strategy leads to:

Randomly posting content for the sake of posting


No leads

Reaching the wrong audience

Overwhelm, burn out or WORSE... no action at all.

Which is why the Social Media Content Companion has been designed to support you to create a simple, effective and results driven strategy, workflow and an organised planner & tracking dashboard saving you time and marketing costs.


Marketing and Content Strategies that work


Headline, hook & call to action copy writing prompts


Self-paced video training vault to guide you on your journey from strategy through to execution


Our expert recommendations for the best time saving tips, tools and apps, so you can create the best content possible.


Private community for you to ask questions, network or submit content and gain feedback

The Details

​The Content Companion is a digital dashboard providing a space for all assets to be housed and allows users to create:
✅ Marketing and content strategies (prompts included)
✅ Visually plan content and fill in visual calendars + track timelines and the status of content assets + keep record of links and files
✅ Analytic and reporting data sets and trackers
✅ Self paced online vault with helpful short social media training videos sprinkled throughout
✅ Templates and copy writing headlines & call to action prompts (library full of options to tailor to many different needs)
✅ Workflow set ups
✅ Daily checklists

It’s a comprehensive social media planner and reporting dashboard template for daily use that syncs across multiple devices, available to share with colleagues and clients and is accessible whenever you want, wherever you are.

It’s been tailored for organisations working in the rural, Ag and outdoor industries.


Watch the video below.


The Content Companion is valued at over $5,000 worth of social media planning and execution hacks and trade secrets to ensure you set up efficient workflows inside your business when it comes to how you show up on social media. GET IT TODAY FOR ONLY $497 AUD.

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